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Our products

Our company cares about quality.


In addition to the production of our Rio Rai Prosecco, and the sale of local wines,

our farm boasts several fields of cultivation, in fact, right near

to our agritourism accommodation B&B Rio Rai, there is a small commissary

in which you can find various farm and local products.


The products you will find are seasonal fruits and vegetables of our own production including:

Apples, Kiwi, Salad, Lettuce, Potatoes, Fennel but also barricaded vinegar, apple vinegar, apple juice...

The commissary will be open during the hours 08:30-12:30 15:00-19:00


Rio Rai Prosecco

DOC designation for the entire Friuli territory

Prosecco Rio Rai is made only from grapes grown by the Patat family, which has been linked to this territory for centuries. 


Prosecco is distinguished by the pronounced aromas of the mountainous terrain, the scent of flowers, and the delicate hint of green apple and honey that mingle with the vegetal and floral aromas of the territory.

Our Prosecco comes from Rio Rai vineyards that enjoy a privileged location, situated astride three major European bio-geographical regions - Mediterranean, Alpine and Illyrian.


High rainfall - the most abundant rainfall at the European level - relatively mild temperatures and limited temperature ranges, combine to determine an oceanic type climate regime that favors along with the particular nature of the soils, the development of rich and diversified crops.

In these lands the Glera variety - the Prosecco vine - finds the ideal environment to express itself at its best with mild winters - protected by the mountain range of the Julian Alps - and hot summers mitigated by northern winds.


This territory is the ideal habitat for the cultivation of this wine.

Prosecco Rio Rai is the result of a piedmont microclimate favorable to the slow ripening of the grapes.

rio rai 2016_02-2.jpg

The Rio Rai vineyards

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